Wednesday, 3 December 2008

eBook Formats - update

I mentioned earlier that I'd be tweaking the formats of "Spireclaw" and "The Daedalus Transfer" to make them display better on eBook readers. I've uploaded the new versions and they're accessible via the existing PDF links on my website. The pages are now 6x9 inches, and they have linked contents pages. The font size is 12pt, so all should be good now... I hope.


  1. Thx for the update but could you please add more formats for example mobi, html, txt, etc etc. Check out this site for all your ebook questions.


  2. Thanks Clive,

    In response to your comment I have created HTML and TXT versions of the two novels.

    I had a try at making MOBI versions but ran into a few problems. What I suggest is that if anyone wants to convert the existing texts into other formats, please go ahead, but please send me a copy of the file so I can add it to the website for others to download. I will gladly credit you as the file creator/convertor.

  3. Hi Huw,

    If you could send me the html version of the two books I'll give it a try at converting them in different formats.

    My addy is


  4. Clive, I sent you the HTML versions after you added your comment but the email has just come back to me, with the error: Message will be retried for 2 more day(s). Technical details of temporary failure: DNS Error: Domain name not found.

    Do you have another address I could use?