Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Jupiter SF 23 : Kalyke - out now

My short story "The Darken Loop" appears in the January 2009 issue of Jupiter SF which was released today. It is the second story involving the 3 members of the Axiom Few, and is a prequel to my earlier story The Ceres Configuration, which was published in Jupiter issue 4. Click here to purchase your copy, or subscribe.


  1. Just sold one to these guys myself. Nice little mag.

    Also interested reading your views on YWO 5000. Quite a different viewpoint to most of the things I've seen written on this subject. Rather refreshing :-)

  2. Thanks for your comments Kate, and well done for getting your story into Jupiter.

    Are you one of the 5000 too?

  3. No, not me. My unpublished novels are unpublished for a reason - they weren't good enough :-)

    Hope you're making plenty of sales.

  4. Enjoed 'Darken Loop'. I do like trying to come up with new ways of avoiding (or creating) pardoxes!

  5. Thanks Gareth. Yes, you have to tread carefully with time-travel stories. It's always fun to try to make them as water-tight as you can. I'm not sure whether that entirely possible though.