Wednesday, 9 December 2009

From one ship to another

It's been a while since I've written, both here and any fiction. The real world took over in a big way, in the form of a conference our company ran in Trinidad, on a cruise ship, of all things. It was an adventure to say the least, but also the culmination of months of hard work. Though the event was successsful, I'm glad I'm on the Christmas side of it!

Even being away from my little son Oliver for 2 weeks was tough. He's 6 months old now and such a joyful little person to be around. Right now it feels more important to hang out with him than trying to finish The Fourdrinier Operator or reworking the short stories I've got in the pipelines.

That said, I'm really looking forward to seeing my next Axiom Few story in January's issue of Jupiter magazine. The Voidant Lance is inbound, and the team have a hell of a job ahead of them if they're to avert a global catastrophe.

On the back of The Voidant Lance, I'll be uploading the very next Axiom Few instalment to my website for you to read for free. The Techipre Filament, while not a direct follow up, will fill in some of the blanks created by the earlier stories.

And it might serve as a springboard...

Ian Redman, editor of Jupiter, rightly reckons that the ideas behind the Axiom Few adventures are growing beyond the short stories. Perhaps it's time I looked at expanding the concept into a full-blown novel. That is something I'd love to do.

Here's hoping that I can make the time to get it written. Maybe I'll be able to take Oliver to see the tie-in movie when he's old enough!