Thursday, 24 June 2010

Spireclaw gets 5 Stars at

It's great to see that Spireclaw is getting a consistent 5 star rating over at Thank you to those who are voting for it. If you've read it please drop me a line via my contact page and let me know what you thought. It's always great to have feedback and I like to put quotes from readers on my site to hopefully encourage others to dip in.

Also, in response to Fiona Gregory's review on the Web Fiction Guide, I have decided to put in a marker (basically a line) at the bottom of each chapter page, to indicate the end of the chapter. I'd hate to think that readers might be missing a vital piece of the story!

And of course, I know I've mentioned it before, but as the summer holidays approach, and with all those iPhone4's hitting the market, there's every reason to grab a copy of the free audiobook for 5 hours of beachtime storytelling. After all, who doesn't like a story with a good twist?

Thursday, 3 June 2010

What's next for The Axiom Few?

Three of my short stories about The Axiom Few, a team of freelance techno-graduates who operate on the edge of science in a future London, have been published in Jupiter SF magazine, and not a bad word was said about any of them. Two further stories are available to read for free on my website and I am in the middle of writing the sixth, seventh and eighth instalments concurrently.

While they are not direct sequels of each other, they do link together like a jigsaw puzzle and only through reading all eight stories will the whole scope of the story become clear. And even then it feels like just the beginning, as some pretty scary doors get opened.

So I have decided to take The Axiom Few to the next level. I am going to publish via a book of all eight stories. Everything should be ready to come out this Autumn, at which point I will remove the two free stories from my site and encourage you to buy the whole collection. Here's the story listing, and the order they will appear in the book.

The Ceres Configuration
The Darken Loop
The Detention Spore
The Voidant Lance
The Techipre Filament
The Precipice Faction
The Autumn Structure
The Axiom Nascency

I can't wait to finalise this book and put it out there for you to read. The Axiom Few are my favourite creation, and others think so too, and I feel this collection is the next great step in bringing them to as wide an audience as possible.