Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Train Set - A Glimpse at the Cover

My short story collection "The Train Set" is now out on Kindle. A great little book for Halloween.

The collection includes the following stories:

At Steepdean Halt - Previously published in 2008 in The Ranfurly Review
The Suited Man of Lock St Station - New to this collection.
Last Train to Tassenmere - Previously published in 2009 in Supernatural Tales. Received an honourable mention in Ellen Datlow's Year's Best Horror. 
The View From Setcham Viaduct - New to this collection (although briefly seen on this blog last year)
Dark Tickets - Also briefly seen on this blog, but new to this collection.
Flyers - A novella that is new to this collection.

Buy The Train Set from Amazon on Kindle now.

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