Friday, 2 November 2012

Sighting FM

...point three. Surrey's favourite destination for talk. That's the weather. It's eleven oh six. Now, before we go to our next caller I have to say. Jane in the booth opposite me who lovingly takes your calls tells me that the switchboard is going absolutely crazy tonight. Apparently people have been ringing in saying there are some mysterious lights in the sky above Dorking. I'm gonna take one of those calls now. Barry, you're up on Box Hill aren't you? What are you doing up there so late, shouldn't you be in bed?

Well Nick there's loads of us up here and we've been watching these three lights going back and forth for the last hour.

Whereabouts are they exactly? I mean, you should have a pretty good view up there right?

Yeah, they're sort of over Leith Hill way.

Isn't that the approach to Gatwick? Are you sure these aren't just planes landing Barry?

Yeah well, they would be if they were moving towards the airport but these lights are just sort of oscillating back and forth.

Really? How many are up there with you watching this?

Hundreds. We're all up on the lookout watching to the south and these lights...

Are the lights together when they move?


I mean, are they in a formation?

Yeah, like it's... like they're attached to one ship.


Or craft or what have you.

Thanks Barry. I can hear lots of people in the background. Sounds like there's a crowd up there. I'm gonna try... Jane can you... yep. I want to try and get through to Surrey police to see if they've... Ahh, they're engaged. Ok. Keep trying for me Jane. Put them through when they answer. Right, we have Anne on the line. If anyone knows what this is about then please do call in so we can put our listener's minds to rest. Now Anne you're up on Leith Hill aren't you?

That's right Nick. The lights are directly above us, we can even feel the...

How high above you are they Anne? Can you tell us?

...warmth of the lights. About fifty metres above us. Yeah, fifty to a...

So it's really quite close to you?

...hundred or so...

And how are the lights arranged? Can you... a vertical rod, three lights arranged...

Can you see if it's actually a ship, like our last caller said?

...hovering above us.

I have to say that we've just had a call from the Civil Aviation Authority and they've actually suspended all inbound and out... Anne, what was that noise? Anne?

I'm here. There's a new light. A spotlight shining directly down on our hill and...

Another light? Coming from the shippy crafty thing? up everyone on the hill. I didn't realise there were so many people up here and... oh my G...

Anne? Anne are you still there? Anne? Well it looks like we've... we've lost Anne there. Jane can you find out what happened to that line. Let's go to line five in the meantime. We have erm... let's go to Alex who's on Box Hill. Alex what can you see?

There's a like, a light shining down onto Leith Hill but from this far away I can't really work out what's going on.

We were just talking to Anne, who was on Leith Hill but the line went dead. I don't know if there's anyone else up th...

It's shooting up into the sky. The lights are climbing upwards.

Alex, stay... stay on the line, we've got to go to a break...

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