Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Axiom Few - Free on Kindle till Monday

"...Come on, Channel 4, there's a series waiting to be made here..." -

"....A good old fashioned (yet high-tech) tale of approaching apocalypse, this story served to remind me just what unpretentious science fiction can do when written by someone who clearly relishes every word..." - Whispers of Wickedness

"...Beautifully crafted..." Annieworld

"...a nicely told story of alternate realities..." SFRevu

My short story collection The Axiom Few is the science fiction I am most proud of, and also the work that I enjoy revisiting the most. The ideas in the eight stories here feel to me like a springboard into a wider mythology. Three of these stories were published in Jupiter SF magazine, and were widely reviewed on various SF websites.

In other Axiom Few news I have started working on another set of stories to be published sometime in the not too distant future. Obviously Archer, Geek and Davey will be returning and their adventures will continue, but there will be some new characters too, whose presence and effects have already been felt.

This book is reviewed on the SF Crowsnest website here and can be picked up on Amazon for free from Thursday 30th January to Monday 3rd February. I really hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.


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