Friday, 14 February 2020

Extract Friday (2 of 3)

Another extract from The Tolworth Beacon...

A lady appeared, crossing the road, briefly illuminated by the headlights of the police car. She was probably in her thirties. Bleach blonde with dark roots, very short hair. Arms folded, cigarette between her fingers. She was wearing a sky-blue onesie.

There was only one thing for it. I'd earlier folded my white t-shirt and jeans on the chest of drawers, so I put them on and went down the hallway, past the front door, into the living room via the kitchen to find my shoes. I was pretty sure I'd kicked them off by the coffee table when I sat down to do the jigsaw earlier. I flicked the wall light switch and regretted it's cold brightness immediately as it forced my eyes closed. I switched it off again and moved over to a smaller free standing lamp in the corner near the television. With a warmer light on I caught sight of the puzzle. Partially completed. Five-hundred pieces. It was practically all white, except for a few black marks which I had yet to slot into the middle (I always started with the edges). I was a fanatic, but this one was definitely among the oddest out of all the jigsaws I had done.

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