Friday, 26 August 2011

Spireclaw - Print Version Coming Soon

I have always maintained that I would never make profit from Spireclaw, and my feelings on that stems from the subject matter of the novel. It is freely available as an e-book that can be read online on my website, downloaded as a PDF or text file, and even listened to as an audiobook read by me.

Many people have praised the novel and that really makes me want the story to reach a wider audience. There are plenty of people out there who can't or won't read a novel on a website. For the novel to appear in the two most accessible formats (print and e-Reader), I would need to publish it through a print-on-demand service that formats for devices like Kindle automatically, and releases through Amazon.

So I have decided to take this route. I am compiling a print-version of Spireclaw, which will be for sale on Lulu and Amazon. I will zero my profits from it, so that the cost of purchase purely covers the charges Lulu and Amazon impose for creating the product for you to hold in your hands, and I have made it as slender as possible so that there aren't too many spare pages, which should keep the printing costs down, and therefore the purchase costs too.

Here's the cover...

The print version should be available on in a couple of weeks, and a few weeks after that on Amazon. I hope you are able to take this opportunity to discover the novel.

But remember, it is already online, in it's entirety, to read at

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Checking In

It's been a long time since my last post, although those of you who follow me on Twitter know what I've been up to.

Writing has been sporadic of late. Work has been all-consuming as our company has seen it's busiest year (with fewest staff, but isn't that the case everywhere?). When you want to write, it's a shame that life gets in the way.

That said. I have had some real, though occasional bursts of creativity; pushing forward with a novella that was previously titled "The Fourdrinier Operator" and has since gone through two more titles and a 5,000 word boost in its word-count. The first draft went to my mother for review (she's just completed an Open University creative writing course and her opinion is valuable in these matters). A positive response on the whole but she identified areas for revision and reworking. So that's a job for later.

In the science fiction area I've been thinking up the next batch of Axiom Few stories and once they crystallise a little more I will start on them. I've got another interesting short story on the go called "The Tower and My Number" which has been brewing in my head. It's based on a very odd dream I had recently, and I'm liking the dystopian atmosphere in it.

In 2012 I should be in a position to release my next short story collection "The Train Set", so more on that as it develops.