Wednesday, 19 November 2008

What is Spireclaw? - Googling isn't a shortcut

I was looking at the Google Analytics for my website recently and I noticed that certain visitors had used the search term "What is Spireclaw?" as a route to my pages. Now, I'm not likely to have put up a page with all the answers on it am I? Spireclaw is a mystery novel and the fun is in the discovery. In fact, what Googlers WILL find from their search, is that Spireclaw is a mystery novel, but that's not the answer they're looking for is it. We already know that bit.

There's only one way to find out what Spireclaw REALLY is. Well, two ways actually. The first is to read the novel, and trust me that's the most enjoyable way to get to the bottom of it all. I've not bumped into anyone who's regretted making the journey. The second way is to bribe a friend who HAS read it and get them to tell you all the answers. but people like that are the sort of people who would tell you that the Jools Holland's Hootenanny is pre-recorded in November (bah humbug).

Let me leave you with this. Spireclaw is more than one thing. The question is, how those things fit together. And Google isn't going to help you with that one I'm afraid.


  1. Cool. What you wrote just made me want to start reading Spireclaw. Nice.

  2. Great. I really hope you enjoy the novel.