Sunday, 1 February 2009

More reviews of The Darken Loop

The February issues of SFrevu and SFCrowsnest have appeared online with reviews of Jupiter SF 23 and I'm pleased to say that the reviews of "The Darken Loop" have been universally good. Thanks guys.

Sam Tomaino at SFRevu calls it "... a nicely told story of alternate realities". Rod MacDonald at SFCrowsnest pays the story more extensive praise. He calls it "...exciting..." and says it's "An excellent story, one which has plenty of scope for development into other forms of media."

And for those who are interested, the Axiom Few do have a number of new adventures in the pipeline.

To read the full reviews, click the links above.


  1. More excellent reviews - well done!

  2. Thanks again Kate. Here's hoping you get some good feedback when your Jupiter story hits the shelves.