Monday, 27 January 2020

Writing a Novel in a Month for Charity

I have been preparing to write a new novel recently and I'm now ready to take on the challenge of getting the first draft written in a month!

Cancer has affected a lot of lovely people around me over the years but particularly recently amongst work colleagues and friends. It's devastating how it affects lives and I wanted to combine fundraising for Cancer Research with a challenge which I thought would be unique, but also tie in with something I think is achievable for me. I hope you can come along on my journey to complete a 30,000-word first draft in the month of February. I do get a bit of extra time as it's a leap year, with the month starting and ending on a Saturday.

Along the way I'll be posting updates about my progress, taking about what is inspiring me each day, as well as trying to get to grips with Instagram (username huwlangridge) to give short video updates too.

Anyway here's my JustGiving page.

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